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Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, while your laundry is cleaned to perfection.We offer over 100 Continental Girbau Express Wash machines to clean your clothes like never before. This includes more than SEVENTEEN JUMBO 6-load and 8-load machines for your convenience. Here at Laundry Guys, you can wash your clothes in a spotlessly clean environment and get in and out in under an hour! Wash and dry an entire JUMBO load of laundry in under an hour.



A safe, easy and cost-effective solution for your laundry needs. With our low-contact curbside drop-off service, we will wash and dry your clothes to perfection. Soap is included at no extra charge while folding IS NOT INCLUDED with this service. The pricing on this service is based on the machine size used. Same day curbside drop-off service is offered daily from 6 AM until 7 PM - anything dropped off after 7 PM will be ready for pickup the next day. For curbside, items must be brought in presorted in either a washable laundry bag or disposable bag (trash bag or grocery bag).


Fluff & Fold Service

Where Luxury and Laundry come together! Looking to check Laundry off your never-ending to do list? Look no further as our full-service Fluff & Fold is here! We will clean your clothes to perfection from start to finish! Simply drop off your clothes and we will handle the rest. Here at Laundry Guys, we include premium soap choices at no extra cost.


San-O3-Wash OZONE System

A higher level of cleaning and sanitization for your laundry.We are proud to offer the Aquawing OZONE Laundry Sanitization System in our store! When you wash with Laundry Guys, EVERY load of EVERY wash is sanitized!Our Aquawing OZONE system offers the following advantages to you as a customer of Laundry Guys:Kills 99.9% of germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses on contact with EVERY WASH.Most stains are removed without any kind of pre-treatment.Your clothes will be whiter, brighter, cleaner, feel softer and smell fresher EVERY time.OZONE is safe, organic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Fabrics washed in ozonated water retain less moisture, resulting in reduced drying time.


Household Items

For all your household dry cleanable items - from down comforters and pillows to draperies.Bedding: Quality sheets can last you for a long time and therefore it is recommended that you invest in proper care and treatment of these delicate fabrics. We specialize in the treatment and care of all types of bed linens, from down duvets to satin and silk sheets. You deserve to always have your pillows fresh and clean. You may want to try this pillow-cleaning service. Drapery: Correct cleaning and handling of draperies are essential. Some drapery conditions require specialized treatment and handling. Upon examination of your draperies, we can advise you of what you may expect in the cleaning of your drapes. Let us handle all of your drapery cleaning needs. Take down and re-hanging services may be available.AREA RUGS AND CARPETS: We can clean all rug types from 2'x2' to 20 X 30. The most suitable professional service method favored by us.